UltraPhones – High Isolation Studio Headphones (29db)

UltraPhones – High Isolation Studio Headphones (29db)


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UltraPhones are industry standard SONY 7506 Studio Monitor headphone components mounted in a comfortable 29 db passive isolation hearing protection muff. They are the most comfortable, highest isolating headphones on the market today. Here’s what the Pros say about UltraPhones:

“I’ve tried all the rest, UltraPhones are the best!”
– Will Lee – Bassist Late Night w/ David Letterman

“UltraPhones are life changing cans! Once you’ve tried them, you’ll never want to use regular headphones again.”
– Shawn Pelton – Drummer SNL

“The most intense headphones you can put around your skull. You’re completely isolated from the world.”
– Ben Harper – Recording Artist

UltraPhones come with:

  • 1/4″ plug which unscrews to reveal an 1/8″ Mini Plug
  • 14 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • One Year Limited Warranty

(Please note: All international customers are responsible for any import duties or fees required by Customs of their country)


UltraPhones are SONY 7506 Studio Monitor headphone components mounted in a comfortable 3M Peltor 29db hearing protection muff. They improve your performance AND protect your hearing by delivering good sound with an amazing 29db of passive isolation. This means you don’t have to turn your volume up loud just to hear the headphones over the sounds around you. A side benefit of UltraPhones isolation is the complete elimination of cue and click bleed.

UltraPhones are very comfortable to wear for long periods of time because the speakers are recessed into the ear cups, they don’t rest on your ear cartilage. This means your ears won’t be sore after a long day using headphones. Total combined weight of the phones & cord is 14 oz.

Nothing beats UltraPhones’ unique combination of genuine high isolation, great comfort, and good sound. They are great for the studio, orchestra pit, or stage. Our customers say after using UltraPhones they will never go back to regular headphones again!

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Save your hearing with UltraPhones

The Problem

Your ears are ringing after using regular headphones to monitor sound during a loud recording session, show, or rehearsal.

The Cause

Regular headphones are not designed to block out external sound. You’ve probably noticed when using regular headphones in a loud environment, you have to turn the volume up very high just to hear them over the roar of sound that surrounds you. In this situation, you’re actually giving your hearing a double whammy. First, your ear drums are getting pounded by the loud environmental sounds, then on top of that you add excessively loud headphones placed directly over your ears! Too much exposure to this type of situation can lead to permanent hearing damage.

The Solution

UltraPhones! They eliminate the need for excessive headphone volume levels by reducing the amount of environmental sound reaching your ears by an amazing 29db. If you already suffer from tinnitus or other hearing damage, as many musicians do, UltraPhones can help protect the precious hearing you have left.

2 reviews for UltraPhones – High Isolation Studio Headphones (29db)

  1. highstickdrums (verified owner)

    I’m always skeptical when promised great ‘isolation’ from headphones. The GK Ultra Phones FAR exceeded my expectations. I actually forgot how much unnoticed noise is around me – even in my ‘quiet place’. I’m a bit embarrassed to admit this, but the headphones took away so much excess noise that I actually fell asleep within 5 minutes of trying them on (before trying them w/music). Oh…Did I mention the comfort??
    Les Smithey
    Owner – HighStick Percussion

  2. Pedro Bellora (verified owner)

    I must say this headphones were absolutely life-changing. The UltraPhones blow away all other “headphone for drummers” I’ve ever tried. Sound quality is really good and the isolation is amazing. This means that you can hear the track in a really comfortable way but, here is what really blew me away, you can hear what the microphone is capturing of your drum kit. In this manner you can intuitively adjust your playing levels so that the recording levels (for example the volume of the hi-hat) is balanced on the end product. Also, these headphones are great for other uses, for example in microphone placement. You can be moving a microphone and the same time hearing how the sound changes. With other headphones, the sound isolation was not enough to really do this on my own without an assistant. And, of course, you can also wash dishes while enjoying music in glorious details, or hear some waterfall sounds while sleeping late next to a construction site!! These headphones were, in my case, absolutely life-changing. Highly recommended! Congratulations for a fantastic product, thank you so much!

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