Drums 101

Drums 101


Drums 101 is an introductory overview book on drums written for non-drummers. It gives you a basic overview about drums, rhythmic reading, technique, time keeping in different styles, and chart reading. It can help you understand how to play drums, program parts for your compositions, and communicate better with drummers in rehearsals.


Drums 101 – The book takes you through the physical parts of the drums, the fundamentals of rhythmic reading. and basic snare drum techniques – accents, double stroke rolls, basic diddles, and flams. It introduces basics of time keeping and independence for rock / pop / funk feels, jazz / swing feels (including a few brush patterns and jazz waltz patterns) and four very basic latin feels – Bossa Nova, Samba, Mambo, and Afro 6/8. It closes with a brief section on interpreting drum charts. (77 pages)


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