Single Stroke Rolls and The Open/Close Technique

Single Stroke Rolls and The Open/Close Technique


Open/Close Technique (push/pull) is an old technique viewed mostly as a novelty or trick, which allowed you to play a fast, continuous stream of notes from one hand. In 2002 Gordy Knudtson created the first instructional video and books showing it could be used in both hands at the same time to create a new genre of single stroke rolls. This work led to an invitation from PASIC 2003 to participate in their first ever “Hand Development Clinic Series” with Joe Morello and Jim Chapin. After Gordy’s clinic, Joe said “I’m SO glad you did this! Billy Gladstone was messing around with this when I was studying with him, but he never documented it. I think you took it further than he did!”


Single Stroke Rolls and the Open/Close Technique (80 pgs) is an edited compilation of the best of Gordy’s original two Open/Close Technique books. It’s available in hard copy and PDF forms. It will walk you through the basics, then show you how to synchronize the hands and combine the strokes to create a complete family of single stroke rolls paralleling double stroke rolls.


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