The Rhythm Library System

The Rhythm Library System


The Rhythm Library System is a simple method for developing fluent drumset and snare drum technique within a musical frame work. This system uses common rhythmic notation to create hundreds of different combinations of pattern ideas. Great for building up drumset solo vocabulary! Book includes 24 drumset and 16 rudimental pattern groups to apply to the rhythm library. Once you understand how the system works you can easily apply your own pattern group ideas to it. (83 pages)


The Rhythm Library System is a simplification and expansion of an idea that’s been floating around drum world for years. The concept: using the solo pages from the middle of the Syncopation book for sequencing a select group of rudimental patterns or drumset patterns. The goal: creating a flow of patterns which conforms to the rhythmic architecture of the solo page – a wall of sound containing a rhythmic melody.

In the past, when this idea was explained there were always eight patterns in a group – four patterns for the notes, and four patterns for the rests. Gordy discovered you could eliminate the rest patterns and still get the same results using just the note patterns – half note, dotted quarter, quarter note, and eighth note.

To make pattern application even easier, Gordy created a catalog (or Library) of simple two and four bar rhythmic phrases which combined only two or three note values at a time i.e. Half Notes & Quarter Notes // Quarter Notes & Eighth Notes // Half Notes, Dotted Quarter Notes, & Quarter Notes, etc. To his surprise, he found these simpler combinations were more useful and just as effective as applying all four patterns to more complicated rhythms!


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