UltraPhones Repair

UltraPhones Repair


Phones not working? Blown driver? Need new cushions? We can fix them for you. UltraPhones are a custom made product. To insure their sonic integrity is maintained it’s best that we do all repairs.

Call us (1.800.747.5545) or email us (info@gk-music.com) for any repair questions.

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Mail your phones back to us via Priority Mail (FedEx and UPS will not deliver to a P.O. Box). Priority Mail is reliable, inexpensive, trackable, and insurable. Enclose a note which states the problem and has your contact info. If one side is bad please mark it with a piece of tape.

Allow 1-2 weeks for turn around. We’ll do the repairs and contact you with the final cost so you can make payment here with PayPal. We’ll ship the phones when we receive confirmation of payment and email you a tracking number. There is no charge for return shipping within the US.

Mail the phones to:

GK Music
P.O. Box 645
Wayzata, MN 55391

Typical Repair Costs:

  • New Main Cord – $45
  • New Cushions – $55
  • New Cushions & Main Cord – $65
  • New Headband – $60
  • New Headband & Main Cord – $70
  • New Headband & Cushions – $80
  • New Headband, Cushions, & Main Cord – $90
  • New Speaker – $85
  • New Speaker & Main Cord – $95
  • New Speaker & Cushions – $105
  • New Speaker, Cushions, & Main Cord – $115
  • Two New Speakers – $135
  • Two New Speakers & Main Cord – $145
  • Two New Speakers & Cushions – $155
  • Two New Speakers, Cushions, & Main Cord – $165

Email us at info@gk-music.com, or call us at 1.800.747.5545, for any repair questions.


Why did one side of my phones just quit working? I was careful to not blow it out with too much sound level. What’s going on?

Well, we can’t say for sure but there are a couple possibilities – could be an electrical short from a bad cord, or overhead wire – or it could be driver corrosion.

Driver corrosion happens because UltraPhones use SONY 7506 components in a way they weren’t designed to be used – mounted in an enclosed ear cup. This enclosure is designed to block sound. It does not breathe because if air gets in, sound gets in. If you perspire when you perform this moisture can eventually cause the driver to corrode and stop working.

Corrosion takes time, so if you do sweat a lot when you play, leave the phones out of the case to dry before putting them away. This won’t eliminate the corrosion but it might buy you more time before the driver fails. Also, everyone’s body chemistry is a little different, some more corrosive than others, just ask a guitar player or bass guitar player. Some guys can play the same set of strings for a long time before they go dead. Others have to change them much more frequently because they go dead from their touch.


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