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Drum Technique Fundamentals

START HERE. These videos explain hand/drumstick mechanics in a brand new way. Using only grade school physics and common sense, they’ll give you new insights and understanding of the mechanics and forces encountered when playing with sticks. You’ll see how natural hand movements can be coordinated with natural stick momentum to optimize mechanical efficiency and stick control.

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Open/Close Technique – Single Stroke Rolls

The Open/Close Technique is an old technique that coordinates natural hand movement with natural stick movement to allow a drummer to play a fast continuous stream of notes with one hand. In the past, this technique was seen more as a trick, or novelty, with minimal real world applications. In 2002, Gordy Knudtson created the first books and video showing how it can be synchronized in both hands at the same time to create a genre of single stroke rolls that parallels double stroke rolls.

Upon seeing Gordy’s video Ed Shaughnessy declared “You have developed an historically important form of technique which ranks with the Moeller System!” This video also generated an invitation from the Percussive Arts Society to be a presenter at PASIC 2003 in a series of three clinics called the “Hand Development Series”. The other two presenters were legendary technique gurus Joe Morello and Jim Chapin. After Gordy’s presentation Joe Morello said “I’m so glad you did this! Billy Gladstone was messing around with this when I was studying with him, but he never documented it. I think you took it further than he did!”

PLEASE NOTE – Open/Close Technique is for intermediate to advanced drummers. If you are a beginner do not start with this technique, get some private lessons first to gain a basic understanding of drumming fundamentals. That knowledge will enable you to better understand, process, and succeed with the information presented here.

If you are intrigued by these videos get the Single Stroke Rolls & The Open/Close Technique book. It has additional info and exercises not shown in the videos. When you combine the book with the videos you’ll get the most complete picture of what this is and how it works.

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Jeff Peterson and Raul Valdes – Open/Close Technique

Morphing Doubles with Open/Close Technique

These videos show it’s possible to produce flam, drag, ruff, and roll sounds just by morphing and manipulating double strokes with Open/Close Technique. In the first video, you’ll see how this technique reveals the underlying mechanical relationship existing between a Double Stroke Roll and Alternating Flams. You’ll then see how both patterns can be written in an easy to understand way with a new notation system called slow motion notation.

Slow motion notation allows you to assign exact rhythmic positions and hand movements to each note of a multi-note stroke. In essence, this notation reveals the high speed mechanics of a pattern like slow motion video would. You’ll see how it can be used to create rhythmic variations of three basic sticking ideas – RRLL; RLL; and RRL. You’ll then see how these rhythmic variations can be used as fundamental building blocks which can be augmented with singles, and/or other building blocks, to create longer patterns. Each extension idea creates a group or “family” of patterns all built from the same mechanical DNA. This simple process will not only yield all the PAS rudiments, it also reveals their mechanical “relatives” as well, some known, some new.

If you are intrigued by these videos get the Morphing Doubles w/ Open Close Technique book. It has additional info and exercises not shown in the videos. When you combine the book with the videos you’ll get the most complete picture of what this is, how it works, and how amazingly simple it is.

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