High Isolation (29db) Stereo Headphones

with Studio Quality Sound

Question: What do you get when you combine a comfortable 29db hearing protection ear muff with SONY 7506 Professional Studio Monitor Headphones?

Answer: UltraPhones! The ultimate hearing protection stereo headphones for musicians.

"I've tried all the rest, UltraPhones are the best!"
Will Lee
Bassist Late Night w/ David Letterman

"UltraPhones are life changing cans! Once you use them,
you'll never want to use regular headphones again!"

Shawn Pelton
Drummer for Saturday Night Live

"They are the most intense headphones
you can put around your skull.
You're completely isolated from the world."

Ben Harper
Men's Journal Magazine 9/06

"I use UltraPhones for every recording, writing, rehearsal, and personal practice session. No other headphones or in-ear monitors block the live sound of my drums like they do. Without them, my hearing and the ability to hear the track I'm playing with, suffers tremendously."
Mike Mangini
Drummer for Dream Theater

Why would I need UltraPhones?

UltraPhones are great for the recording studio, live performances — on stage or in a theater pit band, live sound mixing, location recording, or ANY situation where maximum sonic isolation, great sound, and long term comfort are imperative. A side benefit of UltraPhone's high isolation is the complete elimination of headphone cue bleed experienced sometimes during a recording session. UltraPhones come with a vinyl carrying case, 1/4" and 1/8" stereo plugs, a 14 day money back guarantee, and a 90 day warranty from date of purchase.

Product Purchase Options
We highly recommend getting your Ultraphones with the carrying case so you never have to wrap the cord around the phones for storage. Wrapping the cord will mangle it and can cause premature failure. The case helps to extend the usable life of the cord.
UltraPhones (with Vinyl Carrying Case)
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UltraPhones (without Vinyl Carrying Case)
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Vinyl Carrying Case
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